Wednesday, December 30, 2015

如果哪一天你把我弄丢了, 我不会让你再找到我。

朋友也好, 恋人也罢。
你若不真心对我, 我何必真心待你。
我态度好坏, 取决于你怎么对我。
时间在走, 年龄在长, 懂得的多了, 看透的多了, 快乐越来越少了。
不得不承认, 时间改变了很多, 很多。
我疯过, 傻过, 执著过, 坚持过, 我爱过, 到最后, 我还是我!
我不好, 单全世界只有一个我。
珍惜也好, 不珍惜也罢。
如果哪一天你把我弄丢了, 我不会让你再找到我。
友情也好, 爱情也罢。
我若离去, 后会无期。
现在的我, 一切只求顺其自然。
别说我不在意, 在意了又能怎样?
我只不过是懂得了, 看开了!
有些事, 你镇别看清, 看清, 心痛;
有些人, 你镇别看懂, 看懂, 伤情。
人生, 就是一种糊涂, 一份模糊, 说懂不懂, 说清不清, 糊里糊涂, 含含糊糊。
看清, 麻烦, 看懂, 伤感。
世上知事, 太过难缠, 世上之人, 喜欢纠缠。
看不清, 一种轻松, 一份安宁。
何况, 人生看不惯的东西真多, 看清, 看懂, 全是自找伤心。
1: 主动, 是因为在乎。 不联系,是因为觉得自己多余。
2: 走不进的世界, 旧不要硬挤了, 难为了别人, 做贼了自己, 何必呢?
3: 有时候, 不小心知道了一些事, 才发现自己所在乎的事是那么可笑。
4: 谁不虚伪, 谁不善变, 谁都不是谁的谁。 又何必把一些人, 一些事情看的那么重要。
5: 其实总是笑的人, 真的很需要人疼。
6: 在乎我的人, 我会加倍在乎! 不在乎我的人, 你凭什么让我继续?
7: 你今天流的汗和泪, 都是你当初脑子进了水。。。。。。
8: 永远不要为别人而改变自己, 如果不能接受最差的你, 也不配拥有最好的你。
9: 女人的脸不轻近看, 男人的心不轻细看。 有些人, 身近了, 心也就远了。
10: 世上所有的事情可以模糊, 只有感情必须是楚楚。

Monday, March 05, 2012

Quote - 醉后决定爱上你

This is from the Taiwanese Drama : 醉后决定爱上你。

This whole paragraph pulled at my heart-strings from whence the female lead was thinking out loud and I just feel that to make this type of sacrifice just so the one you love could be free is so .... :-

(person's name)
叫你起床, 跟你吵架。

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Air of Hougang

My Pa laminated this poem which he found off somewhere...

Thought to post it here as remembrance in view of the recent GE2011 despite this poem being written 5 years back.

This poem was inspired by PM Goh Chok Tong's desire to "smell the air of Hougang" before deciding the polling date.

Credits : Written by Patrick Low, 18 December 1996


The air of Hougang is still free,
You don't have to pay a fee.
Though I dread the day may come,
When to breathe, you need a COE.

The air of Hougang is still pure,
It will definitely help to cure.
The political ills that the PAP,
Inflict on those who wants to be free.

The air of Hougang is still salty,
Not from the sweat of tycoons's parties.
But from the brow of honest labour,
To the high and mighty, we owe no favours.

The air of Hougang is still heady,
We will continue to be steady.
There are things that money can't buy,
Degrade our vote? Don't you try!

The air of Hougang is still sweet,
The Workers' Party is no easy meat.
You can come and test the waters,
But please do not expect any quarters.

The air of Hougang afterall,
Is the same as that in Punggol.
If there's "ter sai" in the air,
You will smell it anywhere.
But if there's freedom in the air,
Vote for it, and we will be there.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

下一站, 幸福


-- from .. " 下一站,幸福 "

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The 7 Principles of Leadership Qualities

There are leaders, & there are leaders.
What sets you apart?

True leaders have a set of principles that takes them from success to success.
A way of doing.
A way of seeing.
Rarer still is the sense of joy they bring to everything they do.
Others may not understand these values.
That's why it takes one to know one.

1) Accept no compromise
Get exacting standards, then exceed them.

2) Follow your instincts
Make decisions an extension of your instinct.

3) Dare to innovate
Pioneer technologies that make chance happen.

4) Focus on the big picture
Know when to take the back seat.

5) Assemble the strongest team
Delegate the details to a handpicked team.

6) Exercise your privileges
Enjoy the privileges that come with the position.

7) Wield power responsibly
Make leadership a substainable venture.